Red-cheeked Cordon Bleu Finch

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English: red-cheeked blue waxbill , Cordon-bleu

Around 5 in or 13 cm. It is dimorphic sexually; a pink bill, male possesses a red spot on cheeks, feathers are paler for female; female does not have red spots on cheeks; pink brown or light brown legs. Have a darker bill and Juveniles do not have blue on flanks.

East to Ehiopia, Southern Mauritania, northern to south Zambia. A major population is located in Hawaii.

Found in thorn scrub, grassland, forest clearings and edges, gardens and villages, savanna, dry woodland and roadsides, villages and cultivated places.

Seen in small flocks or pair at the time of breeding. Else, they can be seen together in huge mixed species flocks. The song is a “ssee-deedelee-deedelee-ssee-see” or “te tchee-wa-tcheee” and the call is a “tsee-tsee-tsee.”

Feeds on different kinds of insects and seeds on the ground which includes termites that are seen occasionally in flight.

It uses old Ploceus weaver nests or makes its own round nest a lot above the ground. Three to five white eggs are hatched for eleven days.

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