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The Forbes Finch – Latin name – Erythrura tricolor

Geographic Distribution:
Indonesia, on the islands of Tanimbar and other areas including Timor, Damar, Wetar, and Babar.

Habitat – Native:
Edges of forests, bamboo thickets as well as grassland. It can be found in cultivated areas as well.

Physical appearance:
It has a length of 3 1/2 to 4 inches and as such it is one of the smallest bird in the the Genus Erythrura.

The male has a deep blue coloring (cobalt blue) on its forehead, throat, face and breast. As you move to the belly and under tail it fades into a lighter color that has greenish tinge to it. It has milder green coloring on its crown. It has a red tail, brown eyes and a black beak.

Female: The female is a paler version of the male.

Diet:  They thrive on a good seed mix, soft food, greens and fruit. Live food can be provided but not necessary.

      • forbes parrotfinch 150x150 Forbes Parrot Finch pairs only
      • forbes finch 150x150 Forbes Parrot Finch pairs only
      • forbes parrot finch 150x150 Forbes Parrot Finch pairs only
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