European Goldfinch

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The European goldfinch is a small finch. Its scientific name is Carduelis carduelis, and it comes from the family Fringillidae. In Europe it is simply known as the goldfinch.

The bird originates in Europe and can be found across the entire continent. It also has a presence in Eurasia and in most of the continent of Asia. It thrives in open lowlands with interspersed woods. It lives in mildly warm weather but also exists in colder regions, and generally migrates to the west to avoid harsh weather.

Since 2005 the goldfinch has been spotted in the eastern United States. It is a rarity in North America. It has been photographed feeding with wild birds in Michigan.

The adult European goldfinch will generally reach up to 13.5 centimeters in length and up to 22 grams in weight. Males and females look the same, but juveniles are more plain looking. Adults have a brown and white body, black and yellow wings, black and white head and a red face.

Diet: Paradise Earth PRemium Finch Blend and Insect Blend and greens.

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