African Firefinch

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The African Fire Finch
Lagonosticta senegala)


Propriety: Part of the Waxbill family, this species enjoys both live food and seed. Providing these food sources with ensure that they can breed properly. Grain mixes made with tiny seeds are best.

This species can be held together as colonies or in pairs, but anger between males can be common. After the initial meeting period, any pairs within the colony will begin producing young. Breeding more males than females will ensure success.

Mating: Best results for breeding is dependent on using live food. Live food consists of termites, maggots and mealworms.

This species will build their own nests in a variety of nesting boxes or baskets. Breeding will take place in these locations as well. This species will also leave a feather in front of the entrance to the nest every time they leave. The reason for this is not yet known.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium FInch Blend

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