Learn About Cordon Bleu Finch

red cheeked cordon bleu  finch 273x300 Learn About Cordon Bleu Finch

The red cheeked cordon bleu finch; Of all the species within the cordon bleu finch group, only this type has the stunning feature of shock-red cheeks.  This trait is only found in males, but their brown and baby blue body along with the red cheek color makes this breed unmistakable. Male birds in this species are known for being songbirds, with a beautiful warbling voice that frequents the African Sahara. Cordon bleu finches are often found around human habitations, and are therefore very comfortable living with people.

These birds have a life expectancy of about 8 years, and grow to be about 12 cm in length.  As far as diet goes, cordon bleu finches are easy to feed.  You can find suitable finch blends at your local pet store which will work just fine for these birds. However, the finch blend will not be quite enough to satisfy the nutritional needs of the red cheeked cordon bleu finch, so it is suggested that an owner additionally feeds their finches mealworms or waxworms.  It is good to know before you adopt one of these birds, that the cordon bleu finches tend to be ridiculously active birds. Because of this constant activity, their living space must be made accordingly.

Cordon bleu finches live best in big spaces where they can fly, and are docile enough to be mixed with any small non-aggressive bird, making them the perfect bird breed to put into a mixed aviary!  The red cheeked cordon bleu finch is special because these birds will breed all year long (although it is advised to only give them two breeding months a year)  The male birds try for attention from the females through an adorable song and dance where they hop and turn, turning their heads back and forth in order to attract attention. You can find these exquisite cordon bleu finch for sale on our bird page, and even at select pet stores!