Facts About the Star Finch

Star Finch1 Facts About the Star FinchStar finches are small wonderfully colored birds that are categorized as being a grassland finch. a well known fact about the star finch is that they are very popular among breeders, but what makes them so special?

These finches are actually threatened for extinction in their natural habitat due to the ruination of their homes in the wild.  These birds may not be so common outdoors as they used to be, but in the aviary world their population is still thriving.  They are craved for their beautiful appearance, a star finch fact is  their unique feature of a dotted chest and their red face mask.  The males and the females can be easily sexed because the male star finch has a larger red face mask than the females.  The female’s goes to their eyes, and stays off their forehead, while the male mask goes slightly past their eyes and a little up onto their forehead.

These birds mix well with almost all species, making them ideal for mixed aviaries of any sort.  The colors on the star finch are extraordinary.  Besides their face mask, they have an olive colored body that becomes darker on their head, and round white spots that speckle randomly on their chest.  These physical features make them the recipient of a lot of attention in the finch group.  The males in this group have a very pleasant song, but it is also quite quiet which takes out a lot of the noise generally related with finches.  This soft song is greatly attributed to by the male’s ability to warble, and not only do they sing but they like to put on a show!  When trying to impress the hens, the males puff out their chest feathers and sway from side to side bobbing their heads as they sing to attract attention.

A interesting fact about this star finch is that their breeding is very easy, but the hard part comes after the breeding.  Star finches are notorious for not incubating or feeding their young, and the parents even throw their babies out of the nest after they are born.  For this reason, it is usually best to breed star finches, and give the eggs to society finches to raise.  This finch in particular is special because of it’s ability to drink water without raising their heads to swallow.  They have evolved in a way slightly different from other birds, which has given them this special ability.

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