Facts About Crested Canaries

Crested Canary1 300x279 Facts About Crested CanariesMany types of birds have been bred for a certain physical characteristic that is especially appealing, rather than for a special ability such as singing. The crested canary falls into the appearance category, constantly being bred for one of their very individual traits. The birds name is a little bit of a spoiler for what they have that’s so unique in comparison to others, but what exactly is a crest? What makes this bird so special, and what are some good things to know?

The crest is actually a special feature that makes the bird appear to be growing hair on the top of it’s head! The crested canary was said to have come into existence in the very beginning of the 1800’s, and since then, they have received heavy attention. This is especially true when we look at their popularity over the past hundred years. Though the birds have always been admired, the amount of crested canaries sold has significantly risen over the past ten years, thus making their demand hit an all-time high. Crested canaries are bred to be a large variety of colors, and are usually sought after for their exceptionally good attitude with other bird breeds as well as their own, and additionally because of their fun and very individual looks. A surprise about the crested canary however, is that they can not be bred in the conventional way. Usually when you have a certain species of bird, you can breed one with another and everything turns out fine, however, with this specific type of bird, the consequences of breeding a crested with another crested are potentially fatal. approximately one out of four chicks will die from deformity if you breed them together, so when you want to breed a crested canary, always remember to set up your crested canary with a plain headed canary. The crest gene is dominant, so don’t worry about losing the crest by breeding with an ordinary canary.

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